Monday, April 20, 2020

Mission Statement

Mission Statement: HAAMA (Hemp Advocates Against Marijuana Addiction Is an advocacy and education resource center for

1. the responsible cultivation and utilization of Cannabis, and

2. freedom from Marijuana addiction.

While we support and encourage the efforts and accomplishments of political activists who legalize marijuana for good purposes such as medicine and the hemp industry, we don't believe in legalization of marijuana if it would encourage addiction. Our mission is more to discourage marijuana addiction and encourage hemp in its vast and creative products through honest compilations of facts and resources, far above any partisan politically correct agenda to just go get stoned.

Monday, June 25, 2007


Hemp-friendly Organizations

Mercy Center 503-363-4588
Urbage Designs
Herb's Toasted Subs 541-343-2845
Okanogan Highlands Bottling Company

THC Foundation 503-235-4606
Hempstalk -- Portland
Sweet Potato Pie 20 E. 11th St., Eugene 541-344-8810
Red Barn 541-342-7503
ACLU - American Civil Liberties Union 503-227-3186
Drug Policy Alliance
OnlinePot: Medical Marijuana Info
Drugsense/Media Awareness Project
Cable Channel 29 541-341-4671
Eugene Weekly 541-484-0519
Living Tree Paper 800-309-2974
Frontier Market 1101 W. 8th Ave., Eugene 541-345-7401
McKenzie Mist Water 541-747-8072
Merry Hempsters 888-733-3645

There are some dumbasses who don't understand

Some people in 12 step-based recovery programs have a problem with this site. They are so crippled from their addictions that anything ANYTHING, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, that has anything to do with any temptation to them is the worst thing they've ever come across --- and it's absolutely horrible for them to see any possibility in the world that, yes, there are people in the world who don't suffer the same bad consequences for doing the same vices.

Personally I don't smoke pot and don't recommend anyone does unless they have a legitimate medical ailment that pot will remedy. I am even willing to say that most people who do pot don't need to smoke pot and a lot of those same people are pot addicts --- but what they do does not seem to put out as much immediate harm to others as alcohol,
which is way more toxic.

A stoned apathetic idiot is always way more calm and subdued than some drunken' belligerent dumb ass.